Welcome to The Spiral School of Healing & Mystical Arts (aka Not Quite Hogwarts)!

The Spiral School is located in Eugene, Oregon, and aspires to be a central location where students and teachers of various healing and mystical arts can come together in an intimate setting to share wisdom, joy and growth.

We take the form of a school, because we believe in the healing power of education, and the importance of learning to heal oneself.

We choose the name Spiral School because all of life, all of learning and growth, all of healing follows a spiral path, returning over and over to visit a place of pain, need or difficulty in order to master the lessons held therein. Each revolution of the spiral brings us more experience and perspective and skill, so that our path is smoothed and we become increasingly resilient and expansive.

We offer classes in EFT, Reiki, energy healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy, Astrology, Meditation, Channeling, Shamanic Journeying and much more. We will eventually include distance learning classes, along with our in-person workshops, continuing education and free events over a range of topics.

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If you have questions about the school or ideas to share about possible classes and faculty, feel free to contact us at info@www.thespiralschool.com or call 541-349-0595.


Ker Cleary

Director, The Spiral School of Healing & Mystical Arts

474 Willamette St. Suite 302, Eugene, OR 97401