The Lane Building (lower right), home of The Spiral School.
View from Skinner’s Butte. Photo c. 1912

The Spiral School of Healing & Mystical Arts was born in a flash of inspiration in January, 2012. Healers and teachers and students often have a hard time finding each other and being able to find space to share wisdom in the form of classes, workshops and talks. Ker Cleary – a local counselor,  channeler and Bach Flower practitioner in private practice -  realized she could share her new office space with others to facilitate the spread of skills, healing and information in an affordable, pleasant, intimate venue. When describing her vision to her beloved, Beloved remarked, “Hm, not quite Hogwarts…” and the school immediately had its tag line.

We had a soft opening in the spring of 2012, with two classes taught by Ker (Mindfulness Meditation and Intro to Energy Medicine) providing the seed money for the school. A more significant event was held on May 20, when Johanna Mitchell lead a full workshop in The Astrology of Venus. The workshop was a joyful success for all involved, and the template of The Spiral School became clear. Facilitate an easy way for teachers to present their work, without having to do all the grunt work of registration and marketing. Offer a central place for ongoing study on a range of subjects for people wishing to investigate the healing and mystical arts. And make it self-supporting. May all beings benefit.

We can, do and shall provide an interesting mix of topics presented by consummate professional teachers and healers, making both ancient and modern wisdom and techniques available to a broad range of interested students at a variety of levels of depth.

Kwan Yin

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Stick around, the story is just beginning!