2014 Spiral School Staff & Faculty

Joanna Bartlett

Joanna Bartlett 

Joanna Bartlett is a nationally certified medium and ordained minister through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches. She began studying mediumship, healing and psychic development in 2001 in Rochester, NY, the birthplace of modern Spiritualism. Contact: or

Kellyrose Zuvuya

Kellyrose Zuvuya has over 12 years experience working with highly sensitive people and a lifetime of experience learning how to thrive as one. She is also a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing with a private practice in West Los Angeles and Eugene, OR. Visit her website Zuvuya Heals for more information, or contact her at (808)238-2394 or via email at


Julia Trippe

Julia Trippe

Julia Trippe is a channeler and graduate student who lives in Eugene. She enjoys teaching channeling and zafu-making and offering channeling at bimonthly gatherings with Ker Cleary.



Ker Cleary

Ker Cleary, LPC, BFRP, is the director of The Spiral School of Healing & Mystical Arts (Not Quite Hogwarts). She has a healing arts practice based in Eugene, OR, which shares space with The Spiral School. Ker offers channeling, mindfulness-based counseling and Bach Flower Remedies, and particularly enjoys working with clients experiencing stress, anxiety, depression and times of transition. Ker earned her MA in Psychology: Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University in 2002 and became a Reiki Master that sameyear. In 2012 Ker became a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Oregon and a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. She has been channeling all of her life, professionally since 1989. See the  website for Ker’s business, ClearHeart Counseling for more information. Contact Ker at (541)349-0595 or via email at


Sharon Marlin

Sharon Marlin has been a practicing witch since 1969. She has studied a variety of magical systems, including American Folk Magic, spirit work, Wicca, Reiki, and others. She ran 2 covens in the 1990′s, but now she is a solitary witch who follows her own path, which is predominantly a blend of witchcraft (not Wicca), ancestral work, and folk magic.

Sharon also ran a paranormal investigation team, The Paranormal Research Center of Middle Georgia, and has had experience with hostile hauntings.

Currently Sharon runs the Old School Witchery group on Meetup, and is the owner of,, and Contact Sharon at



Past Spiral School Faculty

Bryna Livingston
Bryna Livingston

Bryna Livingston, LCSW has been a psychotherapist since 1989.  She lived in Atlanta, GA until  2005 when she relocated to Dexter, OR to live in an Intentional Community.  There she learned about sustainability, permaculture gardening, and living in a community that practiced consensus as the way to make decisions for the community.  In 2006 she moved to Eugene, where she has a private practice. Bryna’s personal journey has encompassed Buddhism, Jung and Paula Reeves, Ph.D  (Women’s Intuition and HeartSense).   These works have informed her journey inward as she learned to respect and value her own inner wisdom. Visit her website for more information.


Carolyn Fonyo

Carolyn Fonyo has a deep appreciation of the interconnectedness and spiritual nature of all things. Combining her studies in systems ecology and energetics with massage therapy, she enjoys working as a health practitioner and holistic healer.  She is certified to practice InnerDialogue as well as Reiki, and also incorporates Quantum Touch into her healing work.  Carolyn facilitates Inner Light Circles for healing and manifestation locally and via international teleconference. Carolyn may be contacted at (541)760-4196 or via email at



Catherine Harris

Catherine Harris left her astrological practice in the 1980s in order to devote her attention to her wonderful metaphysical bookstore Peralandra. Leading groups focused on transits was a favorite activity, and she is excited about doing it again after many years. You may contact Catherine at (541)683-3180 or via email at



Cordy Anderson
Cordy Anderson

Cordy Anderson RN, BSN, QTTT, CCMHP has been a nurse for over forty years, with the years since 1984 primarily in hospice and home health. To better care for others her heart has been drawn to vibrational modes of healing.  Since 1984 she has been a practitioner and teacher of Therapeutic Touch (TT), a modality especially helpful to those who are acutely ill.  For the past 8 years she has studied with Dr. Pat Moffett Cook and will be sharing techniques for using the voice to balance one’s energy and the use of Mantra for clearing and healing oneself. Techniques include humming and toning as well as chanting Sanskrit Mantra. Visit her website, for more information.


Deanna English

Deanna English, RN, RYT, MBSR, has practiced meditation and yoga, off and on since the 1970s.  The works of Jon Kabat-Zinn, based in research and medical venues,  and the book Full Catastrophe Living are the template for  the practices that Deanna teaches. Yoga has become more deeply embedded in her personal practices, and as such the Yogic meditations, asana, breath work, and health frame work is incorporated in Deanna’s classes.  Visit Deanna’s website for her practice, Emergence Mindfulness, for more information, or contact her at (208)507-0165 or via email at


Debra Fant
Debra Fant

Debra Fant, RN, BSN, Certified Aromatherapist, Holistic Nurse, Reiki Master
Debra is a well experienced health care professional who fell in love with Integrative Medicine practices and re-awakened her knowing of plant kingdom gifts when she began studying and using Essential Oils in 2008 after being inspired by the teachings of Tibetan Medicine wisdom.

She has received International Aromatherapy Certification via the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy and has contributed to the health and comfort of clients using custom essential oil blends, and has integrated their use into her home care nursing practice for elders and those at end of life.  She has presented workshops on aromatherapy for lay public and for medical peers, with a focus on end of life comfort care.  Continuing Ed for Massage Therapists and Nurses is pending.  Debra lives close to nature in the woods of coastal Oregon and is available for webinar, teleseminar, or face to face inservice and workshops.
 Email Debra Fant


Fraeda Scholz

Fraeda Scholz, CTCC, EFT-Adv, has been practicing EFT since 2007 and has found that anything is healable. She works with you wherever you are and whatever state you are in for complete healing and transformation so you can live a life you love. In her work, Fraeda tailors the sessions around you and what you need in the moment. She specializes in deep, accelerated emotional healing for living your life’s purpose, self esteem, fears/phobias, trauma and depression. Fraeda offers individual and phone sessions and workshops using very effective and simple techniques. These include Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Life Coaching and PSYCH-K.


Hazel Courtman, LMT

Hazel Courtman, LMT

Hazel Courtman, LMT lives and practices channeling and massage in Eugene. She occasionally can be persuaded to teach a class with her friend Ker Cleary, or on her own.


Luminara Serdar

Luminara Serdar, BS, NMT, was a molecular biologist and biotech consultant for nearly 20 years before experiencing NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) in her own healing process. Since 2006 she has successfully helped people with allergies, autism, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivities and stress, among other issues. At Heart Full Healing, she assists people in regaining their health using a holistic approach. She uses the informational “medicine” of NMT, a process that retrains the nervous system to behave properly, propelling the body towards health. Detoxification and nutritional approaches compliment the natural healing process Luminara offers. Visit the website for Luminara’s business Heart Full Healing for more information. You may contact Luminara at (541)653-0446 or via email at


MaryJo Comins
MaryJo Comins

MaryJo Comins is a writer, teacher, counselor, and actor who loves to help people empower themselves by discovering and expressing their magnificence.  She received her BA in English with a minor in sociology from the University of Alaska Anchorage in 1974.  She has written art and business features for newspapers and magazines since 1980, and began teaching journal writing workshops in the 1990s.  She has acted with community theater groups in Anchorage and now Eugene.  To see a current writing sample, follow the link — — to the Alaska Public Broadcasting website and click on “Town Square 49” above the masthead, then scroll down to “Racing the Tide.”  Feel free to contact MaryJo at 541-434-6211 or email her at


Willow Ann Rose

Willow Ann Rose, LPC, CHT, NCC offers Traditional and Mindfulness-Based psychotherapies, spiritually-focused counseling and Clinical Hypnotherapy rooted in a Transpersonal perspective. Willow holds degrees in Psychology, Interdisciplinary Religious Studies and Counseling Psychology. She has also studied Clinical Pastoral Education/Interfaith Chaplaincy, and with Buddhist, Hindu, Native American, Celtic and Hawai’ian elders. She has counseled in public mental health, provided community education, staff presentations and services to hospice, university staff and nonprofits. Willow has trained in Reiki (Master-1999) and Healing Touch and other forms of Energetic/Subtle Medicines. In her 16th year, a chance encounter with a Celtic Shaman guided Willow onto this ancient path of Humility, Reverence and Blessing. She offers shamanic practices along with psychotherapies and hypnotherapy in her private practice.

Willow is a 1998 graduate of the HeartSpring Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Program, and trained in Erickson Hypnotherapy and with the Hypnotherapy Training Institute.  She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE). See the website for her business, SpiritWell, for more information, or contact her at (541)461-5424 or via email at